Innocent Blood

With the child still missing, every second counts…

DCI Andrew Fenwick is on a tough case. The Choir Boy investigation, a project outside ordinary police jurisdiction, aims to expose an infamous and increasingly powerful paedophile ring. Moreover, with eleven-year-old Sam Bowyers missing, every second counts. But is the investigation more complex than it initially seems? And could something buried alongside a child’s corpse, twenty-five years ago, be a vital clue?

Meanwhile, his colleague and close friend Inspector Nightingale is facing her own battles in a murder investigation. Major Maidment, a pillar of the community, is hailed as a hero by the press after shooting a con man who pulled a knife on a police officer. But were Maidment’s actions as heroic as they seem? Nightingale suspects the man is hiding something, and she won’t let up until she discovers the truth.

Tension mounts between Fenwick and Nightingale as they try to resolve their cases, both asking themselves: is innocence in the eye of the beholder?

An edge-of-your-seat thriller from the inimitable Elizabeth Corley.

‘Chilling… the climax genuinely left me guessing what was going to happen… compelling’ – Literary Review